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Cubble Little Bear Ceramic Food Scissors

Cubble Little Bear Ceramic Food Scissors

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Our Cubble Little Bear ceramic food scissors is perfect for cutting food such as noodles, vegetables, and meat into smaller, bite-sized pieces. This is also great to take along with you on trips and for when you are dining out with your little one so that they can eat and enjoy solid foods easily with you.

Product features:

  • Ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip
  • Ceramic blades and a child-safety lock to ensure both precision and peace of mind during food preparation
  • Food-safe and also sterilizable. Can be easily sanitised by boiling, steaming or UV methods
  • Each pair of scissors comes with a food-grade PP travel storage case and a protective cover

Size: 138L x 65W x 25H mm

Blade: 53L x 16W x 25H mm

Includes 1x scissors only

Recommended for 9+ months

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